10 things courageous people do…

  1. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT: Would you ever consider getting in your car without a planned destination? You would be driving around all day wasting time and fuel and still end up nowhere. The same concept is true for a life without purpose. First, you must know who you are and where you’re going. Your goals may change many times during the seasons of your life, but at least you have them listed. Then, you apply the courage to accomplish what you’ve planned.
  2. THEY AREN’T QUITTERS: One of the hallmarks of brave people is their tenacious spirit that refuses to quit, regardless of adversity. If this sounds like you, you know how to reach beyond your fears and the unknown to reach your goals. Courage compels you to ignore the naysayers, and you won’t back down just because the going gets rough.
  3. THEY DON’T FEAR FAILURE: Think of the many things that would never have been accomplished in this world if people were afraid to fail. Some famous people who didn’t let fear and failure get in the way of their dreams. Among these include Albert Einstein, Fred Astaire, Milton Hershey, Benjamin Franklin, and Marie Curie. Take inspiration from these successful people and use your failures as steppingstones to your goals.
  4. THEY ARE GENUINE: In a world filled with fakes and “wannabes,” courageous people are sincere and genuine. Anybody can follow the crowd and try to be someone they’re not. However, you may be one of those brave souls who have healthy self-esteem and are comfortable in your skin. Instead of conforming, you embrace your individuality and your quirks. If someone doesn’t want to be your friend, you figure it’s their problem, not yours. Brave people often make their best friends because of their transparency and honesty.
  5. THEY SPEAK UP: Courageous people realize that taking a stand for their beliefs isn’t always popular. For some people in history, speaking out for what was right was often dangerous. Standing up for justice isn’t an easy task, but it’s what makes positive changes in our world. Also, you are less likely to be bound in a toxic relationship when you speak for yourself. Not only do brave people voice their rights, but they often become the voice for the vulnerable and others who are hurting.
  6. THEY ASK FOR HELP:Even if you were the greatest basketball player in the world, you couldn’t get far without your team. Another characteristic of brave people is that they aren’t afraid to ask for help when it’s needed. It challenges the misconception that only weak people need assistance from others. You show great courage when you realize that you can’t do something on your own. Asking for help is not only brave, but it connects you to other people. Putting forth a team effort can benefit everyone involved.
  7. THEY WON’T SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST: Bravery encourages you to be your best and won’t allow you to settle for anything less. Anybody can take the easy route that doesn’t require effort. However, you can’t expect to get what you want in life if you aren’t willing to face adversity. Ask people who have found success in business if it happened overnight. Talk to the athletes who have trained a lifetime to excel in their sport. Brave people like these had to tough things out before they achieved their goals. It requires courage to bypass shortcuts and be patient. Remember how your parents used to tell you that good things come to those who wait?
  8. THEY DON’T CONCENTRATE ON FEAR: Fear is a primordial emotion that functions as an internal alarm system in case of danger. It’s normal to be afraid when you are facing something new or the unknown. A person with courage isn’t fearless but looks beyond their fears and intimidations to reach their goals.
  9. THEY CAN EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS: Unfortunately, some people view emotional people as weak and scared. A study published by PLOS One Journal discovered that although men and women may have equal emotions in various situations, women were more apt to express their feelings. Boys are often socialized with the idea that showing their emotions is a sign of weakness. However, it takes brave men (and women) to express how their hearts are feeling. Stoicism may be useful in an emergency, but it certainly isn’t a virtue. As a brave person, you have no problem with letting others know how you feel. You are empathetic to their feelings as well. Only when people know each other’s feelings can they work together for goals and problem-solving.
  10. THEY ADMIT THEIR FAULTS : Humans are fallible, and so are their relationships with others. However, it takes healthy people to admit their mistakes and shortcomings. Toxic personalities usually take the easy way out and shift the blame to others. You are displaying courage when you apologize to others and try to make amends. It means that you are healthy enough within yourself to say that you aren’t perfect, and you can admit when you’ve messed up. Then, you take steps not to repeat these same mistakes. Another badge of courage is the ability to forgive. While it may seem easier to hold a grudge, it zaps you of your strength. Bitterness is a poison that only destroys you, not your offender.

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