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Surrender and Release

Message from Your Angels:

“We shower you with blessings of our radiant love.

Open your arms, and release the challenges that you’ve held tightly gripped within your hands.

Open your hands, arms, and heart to our love and assistance.”

The angels bring this card to you because you’ve been trying to fix this situation single-handedly.

They’d love to help you and answer your prayers, but first you need to surrender and release the situation.

Surrender simply means that you’re tired of struggling.

It means emotionally letting go, with faith that the Divine wisdom of Spirit (which includes your higher self) can do a better job.

Surrender doesn’t mean that you’re giving up or that you want to be controlled.

Thorough surrender, you’ll be assured of a better outcome.

If you need help with surrender, as the angels to assist you.

Additional Meanings for this Card: Don’t worry about how your prayer will be answered

• Let God figure out the details
• Be willing to ask for help
• Release tension and the need to control, and things will go better
• Avoid power struggles in your relationship – simply own your power and you won’t have to fight for it.

Release and Surrender
Release and Surrender

Smile increases your face value

When faced with problems it can seem difficult to maintain inner cheer,

the mind gets caught up with more and more negativity, fear or worry.

Because of this, the problem seems bigger than it is and we lose the ability to find solutions and work constructively.

The first step I need to take when I recognize a problem is to smile to myself.

When I make sure I am happy within, I know that every situation will pass and has something to teach me.

Then I will find solutions come more quickly and easily.

Divine Smile

Smile increases your face value.

So please Smile Now.

Life is Awesome

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

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