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Lets Pray for all those who feel Insecure.

Dear God,

We pray for all who are feeling insecure today.

We pray for those who are anxious or fearful.
We pray for those who feel threatened by people or things…
may they be reminded that you are their God and that you are their safe are a refuge in every storm.

May they find peace in their souls knowing that you, The Creator Of All, are still on the throne… you are still defending your children…you are still the God of angel armies and you see all, know all and will faithfully stand by each of your children.

May we find the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change…
may we trust you for the answers that seem to allude us…
may we find confidence, courage, strength and hope as we look to you…
nothing in this world can satisfy like you…
nothing can take your place…no thing or person, can offer the hope,
and promise that you do…

You promise to satisfy us and the longings and desires of our hearts like nothing in this world can…
we thank you, that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, shall lack no good thing.

Dear God, we thank you that each new day is a chance to do better and be better….
each day gives us the chance to know you in new ways…

so many of us feel like there is so much to do and not enough hours to do it all,
but we thank you that you order our days, …you know our hearts and intentions even when others don’t..

we lift up our days, our desires, our to-do lists, our hopes, commitments and schedules to you,

Dear God… we ask for help to do the best we can and leave the rest to you…
help us to be rid of anything that wastes time in our lives…
please put a strong desire in us to be rid of anything that will cause us regret when we stand before you…
put on our hearts the things that you want us to do,

Dear God help us to be unafraid to step out in faith and do all that you ask.
We ask for your wisdom and knowledge.
We ask for your grace and mercy to fall upon us.
we ask for your Spirit to convict and prompt us in any area that we need it.

Thank you for the quiet moments we can spend with you so we can hear your voice…

May our hearts long to know you better and love you more.

Blessings to all who read !

Humility Reveals your Authentic Self

Humility comes from the understanding that the force behind whatever
help you give to others comes not from you but from the power of love.

It is not true that if you are humble others will walk all over you.
It is when there is no humility that you can easily be influenced by others and things seem difficult.

But when there is humility, there is also the power of truth.
You know internally that you will achieve your aim, regardless of what others say or think.

A humble person never feels they are bowing to others.
The head is held neither too high nor low – it just faces straight ahead, like an angel.

Humility reveals your Authentic Self.