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Fear Paralysis 

Fear is the most debilitating emotion that there is, and every one of us can live a life without fear.
The key to absolute freedom and joy for each and every one of us is to let go of fear.
When you understand that fear puts you on a frequency of attracting more fearful events and circumstances into your life, you will understand how important it is to shift yourself.
People are in fear of being late, of losing their job, of paying the bills, of getting sick, and the list goes on.
But the fear of those things is actually summoning them to us.
The law of attraction is impersonal, and whatever we focus on with feeling is bringing it to us.
When fearful thoughts come, stamp them out immediately.
Send them on their way and replace them with anything that makes you feel good.
Divine Courage 


Acknowledge and Love yourself.

You are a child of the universe, “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
In the history of creation, there has never been anyone like you.
Accept this reality about yourself–that you are a special, unique human being who has a place on this earth that no one else can fill.
Acknowledge yourself as a glorious expression of your loving Creator.
This healthy self-love will form the foundation of a joyful and satisfying life. Then, as you love and accept yourself, your inner light will shine outward to bless and heal your fellow human beings. 
Divine Love 


Garden your soul ?

Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” 

~William Shakespeare
Today, I become more aware of myself as a magnificent garden filled with all the beauty the Universe can offer.

William Shakespeare speaks of more than one will.

 He says, “…our wills are our gardener.” I have the will of my personality and I have the will of a higher love. Both of them are a part of me. 

As I ask my higher will to come join new me and those ideas and creative insights become a part of my life. 

They become new seeds to plant in the garden of myself.

I open myself to a brand new panorama of myself as a garden. 

I can till my soil with love so it is filled with harmony and plant new seeds of all the things I truly love that serve my life. 

I can feel the joy of the flowering and I can harvest the fruits of my love.

I can ‘weed out’ all the old memories that no longer serve my goals and grow my vision for a joyful life. 

I can say, “Thank you” to these old stories and the emotions associated with them and, with my love, I can return them back to the Universe. 

I know in my heart, each time I do, I make room for more new growth.

Today, I am a garden of pure potential and beauty.


Need for a Teacher …

The Need for a Teacher..

No matter how capable, talented, efficient or extraordinary an individual may be,

without learning from others,
no single person can develop their personal skills.

Neither can we implement a task without the assistance of a parent, a teacher, or mentor.

For example, an actor or singer needs musicians,
producers and directors and especially an audience in order to express themselves successfully, despite their innate capacity for creativity and entertaining others.

Being able to appreciate the contribution of others and being open to that influence always facilitates the fulfilment of task or a talent.

It is said that even God – as powerful as God is- cannot accomplish a divine task without the assistance of His angels.

Divine Pray…

I AM Love

I AM Will

I AM the Light Divine

I call upon the higher angelic realm to protect me and keep me from all things negative known and unknown to me; seen and unseen by me

I ask that all negative thought forms that cloud my intuition, vision and judgments be removed and I be cleansed and purified

I ask for love, light and guidance only from benevolent sources of the higher Angelic Realm

I ask beloved Archangel Chamuel to align my energies and in opening and activating my chakras so that I may be filled with the pure love and radiant light

I ask that I be surrounded by Angels and please assist me as I journey through my life

I call upon my Angels to reveal to me what is best for me to know now

I share with you, the divine Angelic Realm, my deepest gratitude and reverence for your gifts of radiation of love and light.