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Happy New Beginning 

Happy New Year…

You get to fill the blackboard of your life with whatever you want. 

If you have filled it in with baggage from the past, wipe it clean. 

Erase everything from the past that does not serve you, 

and be grateful it brought you to this place now, 

and to a new beginning. 

You have a clean slate, and you can start over – right here, right now. Find your joy and live it.
This Year Create New Magical Possibilities.


Light and Fragrance 

Laila Ahmed 


Aligning with Trust 

Many times you are concerned that others are hiding their true intentions from you and you can’t Trust.

 A sense that the people you encounter don’t understand you could lead you to wonder about their intentions. 

It is important to ask yourself if your assessment is accurate or if your feelings are stemming from feeling misunderstood. 

You can alleviate your worries by making the decision that others have only the best intentions.

This will cause you to approach people in an open and trusting manner, 

which will weed out anyone who isn’t in alignment with the space of trust that you are holding open to them. 
Trusting others is a simple way to make your interactions more pleasant and fulfilling. 

When you consistently wonder about the motives of the people you encounter, 

you may begin to imagine that everyone you meet is hiding something from you.

 Having faith in others allows you to engage in interactions with your loved ones and new acquaintances with a positive, friendly attitude. 

And people will respond to your trust by being up front about their thoughts and feelings. 

You will spend less time worrying about what is truly motivating others and more time enjoying the company of the people around you. 

You also create an atmosphere of trust in which your relationships can flourish rather than wither from mistrust. 

Trust others today, and you will give them the opportunity to be trustworthy.

Divine Trust 


Giving with Love 

Giving is such an important element to living a life rich with purpose and meaning. 

It provides necessities and brings nourishment to those around us, and can give us great happiness and satisfaction.

 It can help us to feel better about ourselves and our ability to touch the lives of others in need. 

It is a powerful expression of love that pours life, vitality, and happiness into the lives of the recipients, encouraging them to extend those blessings on to others and pour them forth into the world. 

And yet we often are focused primarily on the personal benefits we receive from our giving that we tend to overlook the positive impact that our gifts might have in the lives of others or think about it to only a small degree. 

As gift givers, we have the responsibility to give a gift that will really make the person receiving it happy and fulfilled, and not simply give a gift that we feel they should want. 
Giving with Love 


Create Vision

Day 355

20th December 2016

Never believe anyone who says we cannot change. 

Vision is one of the secrets of personal transformation. 

We are all artists, our mind is the arena of creation and vision is what we are constantly creating.
What is your vision of yourself today – patient, relaxed, positive or tense, tight and negative? 

What do you prefer?

 So be creative – what does patience look like, feel like, what are you doing that is different when you are patient and you are expressing your power to …wait?

Always start with vision not action. 

See it and you will be it. Be it and you will do it. This is how we create our own life.



Drop of Water 

*Just Drops!*
Recently, when I was going to bed after using my bathroom, I started hearing sound of drops of water from the tap in slow successions, but since it was dropping into an empty bucket, I decided to let it be.
But, alas! When I woke up the next morning, around 5am, the bucket was almost full! I was surprised that just drops even in such slow successions could produce that much. I couldn’t help it, ‘Just drops?!’ I questioned rhetorically.
But the following night, I made sure that the tap in my bathroom was locked completely and I checked the bucket and saw that it was empty, though wet. Then I went to sleep.
I guess you already know what I saw the next morning. The bucket was not wet as I had left it, but it was now dry!
Then I realized the importance of a drop and how much difference it can make in all ramifications of one’s life compared to a dry tap.
Imagine letting the drops be for a year, I would be scooping with drums at the end of the year!
So, how about that drop of savings?
How about that drop of kindness and love everyday? 
How about a drop of reading useful books today and every day?
How about that drop of a verse of the scripture today and every day?
How about that drop of prayer today and every day?
How about a drop of worship today and every day?
How about a drop of step towards your God-given dream today and every day?
How about a drop of giving into your heavenly account?
What virtue and discipline will you start today in little drops?
Never neglect the importance of a drop, for when the harvest time comes, you would have made a big difference…..

You always have a Choice 

You have a choice right now. 

Do you want to believe that it’s just the luck of the draw and bad things can happen to you at any time?

Do you want to believe that you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time? 

That you have no control over circumstances? 

Or do you want to believe and know that your life experience is in your hands and that only allgood can come into your life because that of the way you think? 

You have a choice, and whatever you choose to think will become your life experience.
Divine Choice 
Light and Fragrance 

Laila Ahmed