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Love Yourself 

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary. 
Concern for oneself enables one to show concern for others. Yet most of us tend to consider self-concern as a negative thing. 

But does it really make any sense to never have any care or concern for your own needs and well-being? 

You may have heard it said before, “You have to love yourself before you can love others.” 

There is much truth in this, for if we wish to be of any use to others in our life, we need to take care of ourselves first. 

Additionally, if we cannot love ourselves, we will have no love in our bucket to give to others. 

It is necessary to show ourselves love and concern, to work on improving our potential and abilities.

 If we are worn down and tired, we really are only able to achieve part of our potential, and we most likely will be lacking when it comes to giving or receiving love. 

When I give to others, I want to be able to give to the best of my abilities–to give all that I am and all that I can–and I really cannot do this very well if I am not happy and filled with love. 

When we take care of ourselves, we go out into the world each day with abundance, not with lacking, and our happiness and experience in life is directly correlated with this abundance. 

Love yourself each day–find contentment and happiness, put away your anger and hate, build upon your knowledge and abilities, and ensure that you are well prepared to contribute positively to the world around you. 

What you put into your life… is the same thing that will come out of it. 

Today Ensure that your needs are taken care of today so that you are able to effectively tend to the needs of others. 

Divine Self Love


Ask and it’s Given 

Sometimes God doesn’t give what you asked for but he never leaves you empty handed….

I can recall times in my life, in which I had asked God for a specific outcome to a situation that never did happen. 

Of course, this left me feeling a little let down. 

But as time went on, I began to realize that by not getting what I had hoped for, I had been given the chance to gain something else that was necessary for my personal growth–perseverance, integrity, faith, hope, humility… and the list goes on. 

Every time I felt that I knew what I needed, I have found that not only did I manage without receiving it exactly as I had asked, but that I had been given an opportunity to discover necessary growth for my journey through life. 
Divine Joyful Journey 


Storm or Calm

We often times pray to God to rescue us or to help us avoid the storms in our lives. Sometimes he does “calm the storm.” Other times, he does much more… he calms us. 

At this very moment, 

?God is available to us. ?
And when we ask Him to calm the storms in our life, we should never expect that he will deliver us from the difficulties and hardships we are faced with.

 Rather, we should pray for His calming love to be upon us; we should ask for His help facing the trials before us, and pray that we might find acceptance, growth, and understanding. 

Without facing the difficulties in our lives, we would fail to learn the lessons that can only be taught through overcoming adversity. That’s his Brilliance.
God is here for us whenever we need Him, but we must realize and accept that what we ask of Him is not exactly what we are to expect. 

We seldom know the big picture or the potential outcome, and He knows best what we need. 

Today ~  Pray for calmness to handle the difficulties you will face today. 
Divine Calmness 


Freedom comes with Responsibility ?

It is true that free will gives one the ability to do what they like. 

However, we each have within us the power to do so much more–to be good stewards of life, to be men of integrity and character, to do what “ought to be done even in the very face of otherwise overwhelming impulses.”

 And because we have this power, we have a duty to use it in great and positive ways. 
There are some who take their freedom for granted; who see it more as an entitlement than as a great privilege and responsibility. 

Our freedom is wasted when we use it in such a manner. 

Let us assume I have come into possession of a basket of apples. I have the liberty to waste those apples–to perhaps let them rot because I have little need for them.

 I have the freedom to eat those apples myself–perhaps I feel I deserve them. I have the freedom to share them with others–to show concern and compassion to my fellow man. 

Additionally, I have the liberty to take the seeds from those apples and plant them to benefit all of humanity. 

It is from our own free will that we will discover our ability to positively affect the lives of others. 

And when we recognize the incredible power of our own freedom, we create the opportunity to act on issues that need acting upon. 

Thereby consistently doing “what ought to be done,” we are truly and authentically being free. 

Divine Freewill 


Contentment biggest Blessings ?

Satisfaction in life arises from knowing you are exactly where you belong. 

Discontented people strive to be somewhere else or someone else. 

Contentment comes from many great and small acceptances in life. 

When we are able to accept the course that life has carried us on, we find that we free up our time and energies to manage the things that truly matter in our life–the things that we can manage and can affect positively. 

By not trying to impose our will on our life or the lives of others, we allow ourselves to live life in true peace and harmony. 

However, this does not mean we should become passive or apathetic; we are still needed to stand up for the moral rights, to build up others positively, and to contribute to life in a way that benefits us all. 

Regardless of my presence, life will continue on. And the attitudes I embrace while I am alive ultimately will contribute towards the level of satisfaction I experience in life. 

The question is, “Do I want to be content… or create my own discontent?” 

Today : Find acceptance of where you are at in life today. 

Questions to Ponder :

Where are you in life right now? Where do you feel you belong? 

How can you increase your awareness of some of the “many great and small acceptances in life?” 

What must you give up if you wish to flow along with life? 

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. 
Divine Contentment