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Acceptance is a necessary precursor to experiencing peace. 

You cannot be resistant and peaceful at the same time.

If you are feeling discomfort, stop and ask what you are not in acceptance of. 

It may be that you are resistant to something simply by habit, in which case you can simply intend to release or surrender it. 

If it is something you cannot understand, or do anything about, you may wish to give it to God to be resolved for the highest good of all. 

Handing it over is a wonderful way to allow your faith and trust to move you into acceptance of the situation.

Finding your way back to acceptance, over and again, is how you become a powerful anchor of peace. 

From there you will find so much more comfort, presence, alignment, and ease. 

You will experience far less stress, and you will be able to shift your focus onto what you know and what it is you want more of, and embrace your role of powerful co-creator.

Healers Facts

Very very Important 
?Very beautiful message on facts and myths on healers?
1- A healer should to be healed first before healing others – *Fact* 

1- A healer is a super natural someone who has no weaknesses, cannot say No to anyone and is always available- *Myth*
2- A healer is vibrating and growing each moment and so is his healing powers – *Fact*

2- A healer is bound to give the same healings to everyone irrespective of his years of experience and evolution – *Myth*
3- Each one of us has a healer within- *Fact*

3- Only rare ones can become Healer – *Myth*
4- Healers give energies and hence should take an Energy Exchange – *Fact*

4- Healers should give their healings free- *Myth*
5- Healers are givers and have been blessed by the universe – *Fact*

5- Healers are Dealers who only extract – *Myth*
6- A person’s loss (of fears, apprehensions, anxieties, negativities) is a Healers gain (as he gives the person happiness, peace and prosperity and earns his fair share of karma)- *Fact*

6- A person’s loss (of money- that’s how most look at the loss) is a Healers gain ( taking money for the healing) – *Myth*
7- Healers time and consideration is taken lightly and is subjected to the results he gives – *Fact*

7- Healer is god and can do just anything under the sun – *Myth*
To all the Healers and the ones who see us as Healers .. We work hard to spread smiles across the miles and bring out the best in you ..
?Proud to be a Spiritual Healer ~ I am on my Mission ?

My Inner Voice  ~ Intuition 

My InnerVoice !
We all have a voice in our head that is constantly and always in conversation with us.

The innervoice !

?Inner Voice is the intuition we are born with.?

 However in the growing years the intuition is drowned.

 It is Lost! 

What stays back is negative and naysayer inner self talk.

We all know Our internal dialogue creates outer experiences. 

When we are connecting with outside world this voice has the ability to keep on chatting with us. 

This creates a filter & sometimes judgement about life and people. 

We end up beating ourselves relentlessly with negative self talk. 

Creating negative experiences…..When this negative voice starts to go overboard it becomes our own critic.     

So if there is a critic sitting inside our head and constantly criticizing everything we do or say or even think, there is a high possibility …
That we will be surrounded with bosses that are extremely critical! 

Or judgemental relationships!  

Sometimes our friends, our kids and siblings also disapprove of things we do.  

Critical inner dialogue leads to depression in long run. 

Let us decide today to be gentle when in conversation with ourselves. 
We can start to see life differently if the inner critic alters itself to positive inner voice. 

Let us make our Inner voice positive. Let us take it to its original form – Intuition! 

We just need to take 2 tiny steps towards change. 

☘️ Step 1
Begin by saying ‘it is okay’ very often and frequently. The inner self talk can be pacified. 

It is okay is simplest way to create a calm effect, to release the negative dialogue and make it neutral.    
☘️ Step 2 

Every day spend 6 minutes in front of a mirror and repeat I love you to yourself. This forms new patterns of self approval – Louise L Hay. 
The magical changes we look for are hidden in these everyday small acts. 

Restoring your Inner Voice as intuition requires inner work. 

Divine Intuition 


?Intuition ? 

Intuition is a way of receiving information without using your thinking mind.
There are multiple ways we know what we know, yet for far too long we have relied on thinking. However, thinking only sees situations in parts. 

?Intuition knows the whole.?
When we receive intuitive information, we naturally want to use ‘the mind’ to understand logically what it means. 
There is nothing wrong with logical thinking, but our need for logic and reason comes from fear. 

This is likely to lead you to corrupting the intuitive information with doubt. Once there is doubt, it becomes difficult to trust our intuition.
?So, what is intuition??
– Our connection to all there is

– A bridge to being at one with anything you choose to listen to intuitively

– Freedom from the thoughts in our head, fear, and therefore, freedom from control 

– A bridge to the real you, when you are your carefree and happy self
Believe it or not, your feelings are not intuition. They are the gateway to knowing you are receiving intuitive information, as your emotions are reacting to the intuition, but emotions are not the intuition itself.
When we say things like ‘I have a feeling’ or ‘I have a BAD feeling’, the feeling is the REACTION, not the cause.
Intuition is also not one of the ‘Clairs’ (French prefix meaning clear)
– Clairaudience (clear audio/hearing): To perceive sounds or words from sources other than the normal spoken or broadcast.
– Clairempathy (clear emotion): To sense or “feel” within one’s self the attitude or emotions of another person.
– Clairgustance (clear tasting): To taste a substance without putting anything in the mouth.
– Clairscent (clear smelling): To smell a fragrance or odor not coming from anything.
– Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling): To perceive information by a “feeling within the body” without any outer stimulation.
– Clairtangency (clear touching): More commonly known as psychometry. To handle an object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of one’s hands information about the article or its owner or history that was not previously known by the clairtangent.
– Clairvoyant (clear vision): To see in the mind’s eye or imagination. Often linked with future predictions.
Like ‘feelings’, these abilities are gateways to processing the intuition you are receiving. 
They might sound like paranormal abilities also known as the 6th sense, yet they are an overlooked ability you likely already have.
You might have found yourself saying, ‘That person has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth’ or when the phone rings, saying ‘I was just thinking about you’ or ‘I have a bad feeling about this place’ or ‘what’s that smell?’, only to find you’re the only one who can smell anything.
Intuition works from a loving vibration and is always trying to keep you in touch with love and your true potential. 
Imagine that everything is made of chords of energy, like a harp. The truth of a situation can be felt as if it were a sound. 
You know when everything is in harmony as it sounds and feels right. You can hear a clear sound with no discord. 
However, if the tuning changes, you can hear and sense the difference as everything becomes a little off key. You are still attuned to the chords, but something is off. 
Now imagine that you are that harp; your emotions are the strings; you feel the vibration of the world through the resonance it plays. If your strings are not tuned correctly, then you might think the world is out of tune, when it’s actually your emotions. 
This is the single biggest problem with intuitive knowing. 
If your emotional strings are being pulled and triggered it becomes hard to know if you are having an intuitive reaction to something or if it is past experience having an emotional repeat, or if it’s your ego trying to limit your growth.

A question that comes up all the time is, “how can I tell the difference between my imagination and my intuition?” 
The answer to this question is really quite complex, as it isn’t just imagination that gets in the way of your intuitive knowing – so let’s break it down.
Firstly, it’s important to mention that the imagination is a vital aspect of intuition. 

Imagination is formed in the right hemisphere of the brain, which is also the centre of your intuition. 
Your imagination is also your tool for manifestation, so if you find yourself getting strong images, ideas, feelings or thoughts you need to pay them the same amount of attention; whether imagination or intuition they’re both important.
Predominantly all intuitive information feels positive. You might be driving a car and have a positive feeling about turning left; rather than a bad feeling about going straight on. 
It’s rare that you would have a bad feeling about the road ahead. If you ever examine an intuitive knowing after the event, you might say “I knew I shouldn’t have done that”. But it doesn’t mean the feeling was negative.
We are programmed to listen for the negative, so we never say “I have a great feeling about this”. 
The human ego is trying to protect the physical body, so it’s always looking for the negative. 
Ego makes its decisions from fear; it needs everything to be kept limited. 
So, if you have a fear about something, it’s not likely to be your intuition talking.
Hopefully, you can now see that imagination isn’t the biggest problem for trusting your intuition. 
You need first to simply trust yourself as the instrument that all the tunes of life are played upon. 
If you can trust yourself as an intuitive tool, you know all of your information is correct.
It would be expecting a lot to ask you to be emotionally in tune and balanced at all times. 

In fact if you can do that then please write a book about it as it would be a guaranteed best seller!
It’s ok to have a harmonising wobble in life; the trick is to know what you’re listening for intuitively over the loud noise of everyday existence. 
You’re listening for the loving pitch; it feels a little like excitement or joy. It feels a little silly and a little naughty, it feels like being a child. 
That simply is what intuition feels like. It never feels heavy or bad. 
You know how to trust your intuition when you can hear that light sound no matter what other discord is going on around it.
That might sound difficult, but I bet that now you have the explanation for what intuition feels like in words, you will feel it often.

Divine Intuition 



Most people feel powerless to help others,

 when in fact every single human being has a power within them that, 

when directed properly, will help beyond anything else. 

You can direct this power by focusing on people in difficult situations being in joy,

 by imagining them in joy right now.

 Hold to the outcome of joy for them.

 By doing this, you will cause the unfathomable Creative Power to move through you to bring them joy.

Divine Joy 


Beautiful Prayer….

Dear God-
Please bless my path with light and allow me to be a blessing to others. 

Sometimes it seems like there is so much hardship in the world, I wonder how my life can make a difference. 

I forget sometimes that every life matters… including mine.

Please help me release my worries to you and help me remember that my challenges are not bigger than the power of Divine co-creation.

Help me to see beauty in the world and see the sweet promise of potential in everyone I meet.

Please help me awaken more fully into Your dream of me so that I may fulfill the promise of my gifts in service to the greater good.
Thank you, God, for the gift of my life. 

I am so grateful for the goodness you seed into the world.
Divine Life 


Intuitive Training ?

Many are wondering what Training I conduct??

Is it Guiding People on the right Track?

Lets understand What Does Intuition Teach Us?
Intuition takes a decidedly realistic view of the world. It doesn’t mislead us into thinking that evil—in ourselves, in others, in the world at large—can be eliminated once and for all.

It acknowledges that we all have in our characters both positive and negative elements, and it teaches us to be led by our superior qualities so that our thoughts and actions are free of inferior influences. 

It also teaches us how to respond to negative influences outside ourselves in order to avoid harm and maintain our well-being.

The qualities that Intuitive Training counsels us to embody in our lives are 











Devotion to inner truth, 





Balance, and Inner Independence. 

The qualities that Intuitive Training urges us to let go of are 









Goal Orientation, and Self-Indulgence. 

At this point these are merely words. It is only when we begin to follow the guidance of Intuition that we begin to have an inkling of their truth meaning.
So Act Now and Attend Intuitive Training.

Laila Ahmed