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Arthritis Pain

Do you suffer from arthritis, and if so, which kind?

Ayurveda says collection of ama and aggravation of vata is a cause factor behind “arthritis”.  If ama gets collected in body parts which are weaker. Then at that particular body part people start feeling pain due to “amavata.”

It starts reducing distance between bones and narrowing joints and a feeling of pain and stiffness starts after some physical activity. This disease is common with age but some times it appears in early age due to improper diet and life style.


What causes Vata imbalance?

• Irregularity in diet.

• Eating frozen vegetables.

• Eating very fast.

• Having too much dry and raw vegetables 

• Consumption of food like kidney beans, chick peas, black eye beans..etc which is hard to digest.

• Too much travelling and sitting on hard surfaces.

• Excess exposure to wind and cold.

• Taking much stress and being worried.

• Irregular sleep timings, night- shifts and doing late night parties.

• Excess physical activities like dancing, horse riding.

Does diet play a role?

• To digest ama (toxins) that are blocking blood circulation in the body fasting is essential, it gives lots of benefits.

• Having orange juice or sweet lime juice everyday can improve levels of vitamin C, which can reduce joint pain.

• Water stored in copper vessel is really beneficial. It strengthens the bone structure and muscular system. 

• Garlic and ginger is also effective from the point of view of rheumatic arthritis. Garlic works as anti inflammatory and ginger serves to reduce the painful conditions.

• Everyday intake of bananas generate vitamin B, which acts against joint stiffness. 

There is natural treatment for arthritis without side effects

• Light massage with help of small amount of crushed camphor mixed with luck warm coconut, mustard or sesame oil is beneficial for instant relief.

• Body massage by using sesame or mustard oil helps in relieving vata, which leads to reducing joint pain. One can do it by themselves everyday until they find relief in pain. 

• Sea water is helpful due to it’s iodine content which relieves pain and stiffness of joints also balance pH of the body. Another way is to use warm water enriched with common salt for daily bath at home.

• Start light exercise, but avoid heavy work outs. Otherwise it can worsen the condition.

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I want to expand my
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 You are constantly being presented with situations that enable you to develop your inner wisdom and assist you in advancing to higher levels of understanding.

The lesson is to be aware of these events and recognize them for what they are.

To live a mindful life is not only about respecting and honoring those around you; it is also about recognizing every person and circumstance on your path as a teacher.

The constant chatter and diversions of life on Earth can distract you from the sign posts that Spirit has left on your path.

Take the time to be aware of the bountiful wisdom that has been laid before you.

Acknowledge these gifts and take them to heart as you continue your sojourn in this physical dimension.

Don’t look for the opportunities that you think you need; instead, be receptive to the opportunities that are given.

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Are you unsure of what is actually true and what is just your fear or illusion talking? Are you feeling insecure and threatened?

Not to worry. You are safe. It is time to discern fact from fiction, however, and respond to life’s challenges in a grounded, objective way instead of in an emotionally reactive one. Rise above the rushing river of your emotions, and engage your reason and logic to better navigate the daunting, emotionally charged rapids of the moment.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to be detached and observe the situation objectively for the moment. Take nothing personally. Remain calm and available to all points of view without feeling defensive.

Your Divine Invitation: Resist emotional drama; avoid its addictive lure and see it for the waste of energy it is. Use your Higher Reason to sort fact from fiction. Begin by looking at a situation from all sides. Organize your thoughts and tune in to your sixth sense for clarity. For example, if you’re caught in an endless spiral of conflict with someone, ask yourself, “What do I want to happen, and what’s actually occurring instead? What am I doing to prevent my desired outcome? What’s the first step I must take in order to move forward—and am I willing to take that step?”

Reason isn’t the opposite of intuition; rather, it clears the way to better access your inner guidance. Allow your logic to lead you right now.

Shine your Light



When you shine your light into the world, you will attract various people and experiences that match or challenge your commitment to being empowered. Right now, you are receiving information to know which choice to make, which opportunity to take, and which person to trust.

The Aboriginal Australian sun goddess Yhi illuminates your path with her rays and brings clarity as she shows you what you need to know.

A bright light also attracts a lot of bugs, so know that you may also attract those who see themselves smaller as a result of your empowerment.

This is conditioning that needs to be healed in many people in the world.

All you can do is be incandescent and joyful, kind and truthful, and the world will begin to reflect that goodness back to you. The goddess Yhi is happy to help you shine.


Sometimes the light shines too bright and too hot for you to achieve your aims.

Although the sun is bright, getting too close to its fire will risk everything burning to the ground.

Do you really want to know all that is hidden from you now?

Are you ready to face the harsh light of illumination that rips open your old ideas and shows you what else is possible?

Your alignment task is to be bold and brave. Don’t shrink away; know that this is all part of the process of evolution that calls forth the bright sunlight to show you the shadows so you cannot escape your own denial.

Allow the truth to burn through your defenses. Then you will be set free. When the sun goddess Yhi comes with her bright light, it is a day of reckoning that will lead only to miracles.

Keep your Commitment


Be mindful of the commitments you make, implied or otherwise, and avoid agreements you are unable to see through. Keep your promises and honor your word in all situations. Respect yourself and others with what you say and how you say it. Be clear, gentle, and speak with intention and integrity. Your ego may distort your view and lead you away from authentic communication, so beware. Your reputation can either be established or lost at this time.

Your Divine Energy is guiding you to remain in alignment with your highest self and protect your reputation at all costs. Your Divine Energy is calling you to embody integrity and humility in your communication and in your intentions. Embrace and respect your spiritual responsibilities and be fair in your dealings with others. 

Your Divine Invitation: Rein in your ego and listen to your spirit. Be calm and available to the deepest guidance from within. You are in a place of great influence and will either earn or lose the respect of others, depending on your intentions and how they are expressed. All is obvious. 

Keep your promises and fulfill your obligations. Make no excuses. Simply put, be a person others are fully able to trust.

Pain is Killing me 😌

I have back pain and have been on self healing over 20 years but at times the pain keep coming back and today I was visiting my Akashic Records with a question….

What is this pain trying to teach me?

What is the Guidance behind the pain?

Here comes the answer 🙏


Whatever pain you’ve been through. Whatever pain you’re going through… know that it wasn’t sent to make you weaker… know that it was sent to make you stronger. Trust that it wasn’t sent to beat you down… but to raise you up. Trust that it wasn’t sent to break you, but to make you.

Think of your life like a giant puzzle. In order to complete the puzzle. The masterpiece that is your life… every piece is just as important as the other. You have different shapes, different colours… on their own they seem random and incomplete… but together they make sense. Once all the pieces come together you can see the bigger picture… You have to be able to see the bigger picture in your life… or at least have faith your puzzle will come together in time.

But your puzzle won’t come together unless you have your eyes open… If you quit and walk away… your puzzle will never come together. If you give up at the first sign of struggle you might not get to see the bigger picture of your life. Your masterpiece will come together… piece by piece if you keep going. Your pain is a part of the puzzle that is your life. You might think you could do without those pieces… but without them you’re not whole… youre missing something…

Every single part of a puzzle is as important as the next piece… and likewise every single event of your life made you who you are today. Without pain and struggle you wouldn’t have strength and character. Without negative people you might not appreciate the positive people in your life. Without that rejection or break up you might not have been guided to something better. Without that person saying you couldn’t do it, you might not have had the motivation to do it. Without sadness and depression you might lack the compassion and caring you have today. Without experiencing what YOU DO NOT WANT… you may not be so clear as to what you do want. Without painful endings you may not have been led to that great new beginning.

There is a reason and a purpose in everything, and a true blessing in everything if you can open your eyes to see it and open your heart to know it. Don’t ask why me. Don’t say I didn’t deserve this… Ask How can I use this? How can this make me stronger, better, wiser. Use the pain in your life as fuel to take you wherever you need to go.

Use the mess in your life as a blessing to take you some place better. Have faith and trust that some endings are sent for new beginnings. It might not feel great at the time, but keep your head up and be open to the fact that you deserve better and if you keep believing you’ll get better. Be open to the fact that you can’t see the rest of the puzzle just yet… but just trust it will be a masterpiece… If you keep believing, have faith, keep growing and working on yourself… everything will come together perfectly… at the right time.

All of us experience pain and hard times… only some of us USE that pain to grow. Don’t just go through it. Grow through it. It will make you better if you can find the courage inside you to keep going. Come out the other side of your pain stronger, better and wiser. Your greatest life can not be lived without the strength that comes from your struggles.

Your best life cannot be lived without great challenges. Trust this is a part of life. Find the purpose in the pain. Be one of the few who see the message in the mess. Be one of the few who gain the strength through the struggle. Who see the blessing in the lessons.

The Rock once said: “I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.” Use the hard times of your past to motivate you, not as an excuse, but as your purpose.

Have we failed in bringing up our modern kids?

Have we failed in bringing up our ‘modern’ kids?


(By Narayana Murthy: INFOSYS)

A very distressed neighbour shared that he had driven home after a long day at work. As he entered, he saw his wife in bed with fever. She had laid out his dinner on a tray.

Everything was there just as he wanted it. The dal, vegetables, salad, green chutney, papad and pickles… “How caring,” he thought, “Even when she is unwell, she finds the strength to do everything for me.”

As he sat down to eat, he realised that something was missing. He looked up at his grown up daughter who was watching TV and said, “Beta (child), can you get me my medicine and a glass of water, please?”

She rolled up her eyeballs to show her displeasure at being disturbed, but did the favour nevertheless.

A minute later he realised that salt was missing in the dal.

He said, “Sorry beta, can you please get me some salt?”

She said, “Ufff!” and got the salt but her stomping shoes made it clear that she did not appreciate the disruption.

A few minutes later he said, “Beta …”

She banged the TV remote on the table and said, “What is it now Dad? How many times will you make me get up? I too am tired; I had a long day at work!”

The man said, “I’m so sorry beta…”

Silence prevailed.

The man got up and placed the dishes in the kitchen sink and quietly wiped the tear escaping his eye.

My heart wept… I often wonder; “Why is it that the youngsters of the so called modern world behave like this? Have we given them too much freedom to express? Have we failed to discipline and give them the right values?”.

“Is it right to treat children as friends?” Think of it this way, they have lots of friends. But they have only one set of parents. If they don’t do ‘parenting’, who will?

Today the “self-esteem’” of even a new born or an infant is being talked about; but what about the self-esteem of the parents? Are they supposed to just fan the egos of their children, while the children don’t care two hoots about theirs?

Often parents say, “Aajkal ke bachhe sunte kahaan hain (Where will you find obedient children in these times)?” Why?

The other day, we were at a dinner party. All the seats were occupied except for one bean bag. One of our fifty-something friends told his teenaged daughter to move to the bean bag, so that he could sit on the high back chair she occupied.

She said, “Why can’t you sit on the bean bag?”

I was zapped; we all knew that the father had a back ailment, and even otherwise… Well!

Later as everyone was taking leave of the host, the same guy realised that he had left his car keys inside. He asked his daughter to go and get them.

“Why can’t you go and get them yourself? I am not your maid!”

I looked away in disgust and disbelief. The poor guy had no option but to make light of the situation saying, “Ya, Ya, but Daddy is your eternal servant my princess!”

He went inside to fetch the car keys. This is what our social behaviour has become! Why?

If we need to teach children about self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence, we also need to tell them…that howsoever big and rich and famous they may be, their parents shall always be their parents… children can never be their equals, let alone be their bosses!

Remember to Pay-

RENT – Respect, Empathy, Niceness, and Time!

I ALWAYS ADVISE PARENTS TO BE PARENTS AND NOT FRIENDS. Your kids can have n number of friends but have only ONE set of parents.

So don’t be afraid to set rules and make the children obey them.

By:- Narayan Murty