A simple Four – Step Healing

A Simple Four-Step Process to Healing

To illustrate an effective healing process, Dr. Alex Loyd,

Founder of The Healing Codes, has developed four steps for redefining those painful memories.

First, consider the area in your life giving you the most difficulty.

Typically, this might be finances, relationships, or career.

Once you have that area in mind, define the emotions you’re feeling.

Next, recall a memory from an earlier time in your life that evokes similar emotions.

For example, if finances are your trouble spot in life and thinking about money causes you to feel angry and frustrated, think of another time in your life when you were feeling the same way.

Your mental “image maker” that creates and stores memories as images is the platform for this process.

The third step is to insert yourself mentally into that earlier memory, but as a third party observer rather than as a participant.

One important note: Dr. Loyd always suggests you “take” a trusted person with you in your mind to the scene of the past trauma, if it feels at all unsafe to go there.

Observe the physical reactions the scene causes in you, both as a third party and as a participant in the scene.

You’ll probably find that the physical reactions you have when you take a step back from the scene are very different than the ones you felt as it was happening.

4. The final step is to ask the earlier version of yourself caught up in the painful memory what is needed for them to be healed.

During this stage, you will find that a false perception is at the root of your emotional pain.

That might be the perception that you are evil or wrong for doing something normal, because an angry person told you so.

This is the time to speak truth into that memory from your third party self so that the lie that’s trapped in that memory can be released.

The guiding concept is “speak the truth in love.”

This process may seem too simple to be effective in healing emotional pain, but it is in fact an incredibly powerful first step in being released from the faulty memories that cause you stress in ways that you may not even recognize now.

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