Abundance Dna Activation and Redikal Manifestation

Feedback from Prachi Parte ( Lawyer)

Saturday’s refresher… The first one of 2020…It commenced with Abundance Redikkal affirmation for each one based on the Abundance we wish to manifest for 2020….peace, finances, success, fame, faith, etc… And based on each ones desire Laila aunty took the efforts to give us each a different Redikkal affirmation. The reasons & affirmations were absolutely bang on!

This was followed by the DNA session for desire. A different experience than the DNA therapies we’ve been taking. Based on the abundance we wish to manifest, we did the DNA and with each number our lives, it’s past experiences and our behavioral patterns unfolded so easily and beautifully and finally the release meditation was equally a beautiful experience of it’s kind.

Thanking the Universe, my spirit guides for helping us be associated with a mentor like Laila aunty who puts in so much efforts for our growth and expansion.

Really missed all our regular souls of the refresher…This was indeed a wonderful session and worth attending for those who missed it…in case aunty repeats this session for them, it will all be worth attending for all who couldn’t make it on Saturday!! 🙏🙏

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