Angel Poem by Dianna

Beloved Guardian Angel,
I am so pleased to get to know you better.

I know you have loved me since time began and have always unconditionally supported and cared for me for my highest good.

I thank you.
Please help me to feel your constant presence.
Help me to heal all my relationships and fulfill my soul mission.
Help me walk with loving kindness, to serve with joy, to make choices for the highest good.
Please introduce me to all those who will help me walk my path with light and integrity.
If you like you can ask a question or for guidance now.

The response may not come immediately but expect it to drop in or be given to you in the next few days.
So be it.

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  1. Thanks. ..This prayer really helped me to connect to my guardian angel. ..I felt at peace knowing that I have someone especial always looking after me.

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