Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel, whose name is derived from a Hebrew word meaning, “comfort” or “compassion,” works with us to create relationships, conditions, situations, and jobs that will open our hearts to the ever present force of Love around us.

If you are searching for a life partner, wishing to find work that assists you in expressing your spiritual gifts, want to balance work and personal life, or just need to feel tenderly accepted and gently loved, work with this special archangel.

Chamuelwill attune your heart to love, guiding you to let down the walls of fear, unlock the chains of the past, and trust, openheartedly, that your dreams are possible that you are worthy to receive, and that you meant for Love.

Chamuel offers an opportunity to blend, balance, and believe in a life that is lived inspired.

He is associated with the color sea-foam green and flourite. If you are struggling with personal relationships, feeling overwhelmed by worldly negativity, or find yourself shutting down to Love, call Chamuel.

Here is a prayer to help you connect to Chamuel’sloving presence:

“Dearest Chamuel, in reaching out to heaven, you inspire me to reach within my heart and unbind the chains of fear. I am grateful for your guidance in leading me to relationships and work that reflect the Loving nature of my creator. I am here to love and for love. I am loved!”

Spend time in the compassionate presence of Chamuel. Be blessed!


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