Archangel Uriel

One of the most powerful but least recognized Archangels who lovingly guides us along our path is Uriel. Wise, wonderful, and willing, Uriel inspires us to emotional liberation and teaches us how to feel free.

Archangel Uriel’s beautiful presence can be easily accessed for personal growth and healing.

Uriel’s name means, “Fire of God,” and he assists us with cultivating compassion, practicing forgiveness, and understanding and releasing emotional blockages by inspiring us to realign our thoughts with the truth of our spirit’s wisdom.

Emotions provide insight into our conscious and unconscious beliefs. When an emotion seems unsupportive, Archangel Uriel reveals the thought patterns that have brought about our feelings.

By changing thoughts, we change our experiences; Archangel Uriel helps us think big, think Love.

Uriel can also guide us to see the light in those around us. Too often we become distracted by unwanted actions of another, losing sight of the light found within all. Uriel reminds us that the light of God, the Fire of God, is contained within each being here. Uriel teaches that only Love is real.

Additionally, Archangel Uriel oversees Earth’s weather conditions. If you have an outdoor event planned, ask Uriel to wave the clouds away.

The colors associated with Uriel are gold, orange, and deep red. If you can picture a camp fire, you can see Uriel’s light. He connects with the Earth element and is associated with the stone amber or topaz.

Here is a prayer and affirmative statement to assist you in connecting with Archangel Uriel:

“Thank you Archangel Uriel for your gentle guidance and steadfast support as I learn to let go of doubt and live a life inspired by Love. I now desire and accept the ability to see Love in all things, in every being, and in me. I am at peace, knowing that Heaven awaits within. I am at peace, knowing that all is well.”

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