Are you scared of the Virus πŸ™„

With the epidemic going around the world…how can you go within.

The Hermit ~ The quiet life

This card is a straightforward one to understand.

It depicts the traditional image of a hermit, one who withdraws from everyday life in order to be alone and discover deeper meanings.

The card represents those times in our life when we need to take time out and take stock of where and who we are.

The Hermit understands that we can be so influenced by other people and their opinions that the only way to discover who we truly are is to spend some time in solitude and rediscover ourselves.

This can be difficult of course, as other people may not recognise or want to accept this change in us.

However, it is important to heed this call to turn inwards in order that we can grow into the person we are meant to be.

Divine Divinity


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