Arthritis Pain

Do you suffer from arthritis, and if so, which kind?

Ayurveda says collection of ama and aggravation of vata is a cause factor behind “arthritis”.  If ama gets collected in body parts which are weaker. Then at that particular body part people start feeling pain due to “amavata.”

It starts reducing distance between bones and narrowing joints and a feeling of pain and stiffness starts after some physical activity. This disease is common with age but some times it appears in early age due to improper diet and life style.


What causes Vata imbalance?

• Irregularity in diet.

• Eating frozen vegetables.

• Eating very fast.

• Having too much dry and raw vegetables 

• Consumption of food like kidney beans, chick peas, black eye beans..etc which is hard to digest.

• Too much travelling and sitting on hard surfaces.

• Excess exposure to wind and cold.

• Taking much stress and being worried.

• Irregular sleep timings, night- shifts and doing late night parties.

• Excess physical activities like dancing, horse riding.

Does diet play a role?

• To digest ama (toxins) that are blocking blood circulation in the body fasting is essential, it gives lots of benefits.

• Having orange juice or sweet lime juice everyday can improve levels of vitamin C, which can reduce joint pain.

• Water stored in copper vessel is really beneficial. It strengthens the bone structure and muscular system. 

• Garlic and ginger is also effective from the point of view of rheumatic arthritis. Garlic works as anti inflammatory and ginger serves to reduce the painful conditions.

• Everyday intake of bananas generate vitamin B, which acts against joint stiffness. 

There is natural treatment for arthritis without side effects

• Light massage with help of small amount of crushed camphor mixed with luck warm coconut, mustard or sesame oil is beneficial for instant relief.

• Body massage by using sesame or mustard oil helps in relieving vata, which leads to reducing joint pain. One can do it by themselves everyday until they find relief in pain. 

• Sea water is helpful due to it’s iodine content which relieves pain and stiffness of joints also balance pH of the body. Another way is to use warm water enriched with common salt for daily bath at home.

• Start light exercise, but avoid heavy work outs. Otherwise it can worsen the condition.

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