Ascension A New Me 🥰


I am not the same person I was at the beginning of January.

And I know many of you have been feeling it too.

We have literally stepped into a new dimension – whether you realise it or not.

We cannot carry the fear and ignorance we have been in any longer – it literally doesn’t match this new frequency and vibration arising on the earth at this time.

We are being called to clear on such a deep cellular level – through all times, space and dimensions.

Your body, aura and hologram is recalibrating and dispelling lifetimes of incoherent patterns, stories and distorted thought forms that are not in alignment with Love and Truth.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be kind.

We are in an ascension portal where our Light bodies and dormant DNA are starting to be activated.

We are slowly awakening to the Light we have always been and being called to anchor this Light ever more fully into these physical forms.

We literally have just stepped into a new age.

And being asked to embody a whole new way of Being in this world and on this planet.

One that is beyond fear and rooted in Love.

Our souls chose this time for a reason.

What a gift.

What magic.

Don’t be afraid beautiful one.

Please know there is so much pleasure, joy, ecstasy, strength and embodiment to be had at the end of it.

Divine Ascension ~ if you wish to join Ascension then attend Advance Ascension Activation ~ LailaAhmed ~ Intuitive Trainer and Spiritual Therapist.


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