Ask and Receive ~ My prayer for you 😘

Ask and you will receive

The Nine of Cups is known in tarot as the ‘Wish Card.’

It is the card which tells you that you can have what you want, and represents the contentment and happiness which can come from that.

The basis of this happiness, however, does not originate from anything outside ourselves, but rather from the joy which manifests within. It is from this place that we find the bliss of our soul, which then flowers and spreads into all other aspects of life – through the emotional, physical and even material planes.

The appearance of this card can of course be a very positive sign, but it is also warns us to watch out for the negative feelings that can be aroused when wishing for something.

We may be able to get what we desire, but if in the process we end up being complacent, taking things for granted, desiring the wrong things or becoming impatient or greedy, we have missed the positive, spiritual aspects of this card.

We should also remember the responsibility that comes with having our wishes come true.

If our dreams are shallow, so will our lives be.

Divine Abundance


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