Balance and Easy Flow in Life.

Balance in life brings a natural and easy flow. 

Balance helps us to easily move in the right direction, with grace. 

With Intuitive Powers, You are in tune with yourself and life, 

therefore you do the right things at the right time 

by maintaining a balance of self-reflection 

and external connection 

By finding a balance of internal and external focus 

You easily stay humble, centered and free.

Enjoy taking this one to heart. 

It’s all too common today that we can lose our connection to our innermost self. 

Make time for this, as it’s the most important factor for a peaceful life. 

Without it, we feel peace-less. 

Think to yourself, what must change in your life in order to create more balance? 

What type of support would be useful to you? 

Because we value an inner and outer balance with the Power of Intuition , we often hold our students accountable, by providing them the opportunity to check in with us regularly, to let us know how their inner practice is going, and to share their external success. It’s time for sharing again…

Oftentimes, we really do need the help to break free from struggle and the constant pressures of life. 

All those who have attended Intuitive Training can stay connected for New Learning and those who wish to Expand Intuitive Powers can also connect…

Dr Laila Ahmed 


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