Be a Magnet for Love and Happiness 🥰

💜Be a magnet for love and happiness💜

You attract everything to the energy you send out, so every thought and emotion you have creates a magnet to bring people and situations into your life.

If you want to have a happy, love filled Christmas, take a few minutes each day to do this exercise. 💗🙏

Sit quietly and relax.

With each in breath imagine you are breathing in a wonderful rosy golden colour. Breathe it into every part of your body.

With each out breath, picture a golden rosy glow filling your aura.💗

Then sit in your golden rosy light for a few minutes visualising your joyous, love filled aura reaching out and touching people.

Breathe this round you whenever you need to.

People will sense your loving, happy pink and gold energy field and respond to it.💗🙏

Go out and magnetise love and happiness.

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