Birthday Wishes with Faith Card

Have Faith

Do you wonder why your dreams are blocked while some who are less deserving (in your eyes) appear to be succeeding with relative ease? Do you struggle to keep the faith when it seems that fate, not your efforts, decides things? 

Take a deep breath and let your emotions regroup. You’re presently learning that, on a soul level, justice is operating at all times, even when life appears to be no more than the luck of the draw.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to broaden your view and accept that all things happen for an important spiritual reason, which you may not always fully understand.

No matter what appears on the surface, or however unjust or unfair life seems to be, trust that divine justice is operating at all times.

Your Divine Invitation: Refrain from feeling frustrated or resentful, and accept that your journey is what it is for a reason. The challenges you face today are helping you grow spiritually stronger tomorrow.

For example, ask where you are being required to work harder. Where are you being asked to have faith and let go of control? What positive and character-building qualities are the difficulties at hand developing in you?

In order to make the best of things, ask your Higher Self for the insight and resources to carry on.


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