Happy Birthday Pratima

Wishing you loads of happiness and Joy on your birthday and may you have the best of life filled with love and happiness always in every area of your life with ease and grace and comfort. Amen 🌺

When you accept responsibility for your life and the choices you make, you begin to tap into the power of your own spirit. You’ll be able to listen to and appreciate the intuitive wisdom that’s inside you, and apply it positively and constructively to your outside world.

    This card will act as a mantra to help you focus and bring clarity to a potentially important choice that you may need to make. Let this card help you refocus your scattered thoughts and energies, and bring you back to a place where the sheer number of options don’t seem so overwhelming. Choices need to be made, and the more time you take in making these vital decisions, the longer it will be before you can achieve your goals in the physical material world.

   All the choices you’ve already made in your life have brought you to this point, so the Spirit World is helping you now to stop, analyze, and assess the various options before you, and how each might affect the outcome. By making better, smarter, carefully considered decisions and choices, you’ll no longer be a victim of circumstance, but have the power and ability to change your outcome. Acknowledge the signs and follow those intuitive nudges to help you make the right choice. Making the right decision today has more purpose and validity than one made on a whim or in desperation.

Divine Decision


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