Build Bridges not Walls.

The majority of us have experienced the agony and grief of a loss during the course of our lives.

And when we suffer a loss, the most prevalent reaction is to build up walls around ourselves so as to protect us from further harm.

But what we fail to realize is that we are also locking out all the potential good there is available to us in life as well, effectively creating more loss, more pain, and more hurting.

The walls we build in our lives prevent us from living our lives to the fullest–keeping the goodness from entering into our lives and removing our ability to positively affect the lives of others and to build up the world around us.

Additionally, those very same walls keep all the negative things we are dealing with locked up inside us… festering, decaying, and robbing us of becoming the beautiful person we are capable of becoming.

Be cautious of the walls you build around you… and if you someday find they have become too tall… then perhaps it is time to look up!

Thank you God for your presence in my life and I am grateful for my opportunities, blessings and open doors.


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