Change your Life in 5 simple ways.

How To Change Your Life In 5 Simple Steps.

1) Turn off your phone, computer, the tv, and any other distraction. Sit down for a few minutes and close your eyes.

2) Take some deep breathes. Keep your focus on the present moment. If your mind wanders to the past or the predictable future, that is perfectly ok, just return to the present moment as soon as you become aware your focus has shifted. When you are in the present moment, this is when we are most creative.

3) Begin to create your future self. Ask yourself what you want in your life. Take your time answering this. Enjoy the process. Decide what emotions you will feel when your future you starts to become real…This will teach your body emotionally what the future will feel like. Really feel the emotions.

4) Now think about who you are going to become when you open your eyes. What things will you have to do? What steps will you have to take to become your future self?

5) Let go of the past. Decide on what you will leave behind, what no longer serves you. What thoughts and beliefs do you need to let go of? What old habits must you forget? What emotions no longer belong in your future? For example, if you want wealth, you cant take lack.

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