Compassion in today’s time.

Divine Compassion

Compassion is the ability to understand the suffering of other beings and the desire to do something to prevent or ease it.

Compassion starts in the heart. Imagine you are that other person who appears to be in pain or unhappy.

What would it feel like to walk in their shoes?

What might that person be feeling?

Compassion always involves action. It goes beyond feeling sorry for the other person.

It involves actually feeling the other person’s pain and choosing to do something to support them.

Perhaps you simply listen and be their friend.

You stand with them and remind them they are not alone.

You may not be able to take away their pain, but you can open your heart to them.

Everyone experiences both joy and pain. That is what makes us human and connects us to each other.

Compassion might also involve not only feeling another person’s pain but also letting them know that you see their strength and believe they can find their way through this challenge.

Is there a person in your life who needs your compassion and understanding?

What could you do to remind them they are not alone?

Who is the most compassionate person you know?

What makes them such a comfort when you are sad or need help?

Today, you are invited to be Divine Compassion.


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