Nobody likes a complainer. 

We’ve heard that a million times, and yet, they exist and they’re everywhere. 

They’re in our relationships, they’re at the workplace, they’re cashing you out at the grocery store. 

Regardless of where you look, you will find a complainer lurking. 

Complainers are generally unhappy people. 

They don’t even realize how often they complain because it has become a part of who they are. 

It’s a habit. 

It is easier to just complain about how bad something is, rather than to try to find a solution, especially if you lack the confidence to believe you can find a solution. 

Sometimes, people complain to avoid accepting responsibility, but most of the time, they complain to gain sympathy or empathy. 

If you are a chronic complainer, there is a way out for you! 

The steps are simple, and yet will take some effort: 

1) Become aware of your tendency to complain –if someone points it out to you, rather than dismiss it and get angry, take it to heart and pay attention to your behaviors .

2) Accept your ability to make a positive change –you can control your thoughts, even though you probably don’t believe you can; listen to and turn around the negative thoughts, eliminate always.

3) Begin to think about what you want versus what you don’t want 

4) Look at life from a gratitude perspective –learn to be grateful for what you have, rather than worrying about what you don’t have .

As you begin to recognize the negative thoughts, write them down and rewrite them as positive thoughts, then begin stopping the negative thoughts with those positive ones

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