Core Strengthening 2

Lateral Bridge—External and Internal Obliques:

Start by lying on your right side with your right elbow placed directly under your right shoulder and your right forearm on the floor, perpendicular to your body.

Your left foot should be stacked on top of your right. Your knees and hips should also be stacked vertically.

(Refer to Figure: Lateral Bridge 1.)

Pull your navel to your spine and inhale. As you exhale, lift your legs and torso off the floor, supporting yourself on your elbow and right forearm.

Keep your feet, knees, and hips stacked vertically. Hold at the top briefly (Refer to Figure: Lateral Bridge 2.)

Then inhale as you lower yourself back down to the floor. Repeat for twelve repetitions on each side, working up to twenty-five repetitions on each side.

To be continued…

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