Cure for pain is in the pain….

Your PAIN sets you FREE!

A lot of my clients & the handful friends I am left with, often talk about PAIN!

It is interesting how PAIN is perceived, projected & expressed.

Humans are in CONSTANT NEED TO ABORT the pain & run away from it as a demon!

What if you BEFRIENDED your PAIN?

What would get created?

What would get released & transmuted?

Try as we might to avoid, find a sneaky way around it or wish pain away, the only way to get to the light at the end of the tunnel is to go THROUGH the tunnel.

Into the darkness.

To open to the pain and allow it to move through, or rip through your body breaking you open, revealing it’s wisdom, releasing what’s been suppressed.

Sometimes the pain gets converted into physical pain in the body.

Few days ago, I witnessed this phenomena & I had to feel it all the way to release it and learn what it was showing me.

It was showing me all the places I felt worthless and within that was a call to power, a call to honour myself, a call to love myself deeper than ever.

Challenge accepted!

Can you??

Courtesy my friend Sheetal 😘

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