Daily Prayer


are described below and included with each one is a special prayer.

Please say these prayers / invocations aloud, as they are more powerful when said aloud.

The words will stay in your space, and settle in your walls, which will enable the energy to keep drawing in your requests.

*Prayer To Archangel Michael*

*Archangel-Michael Invoking*

I now call upon Archangel Michael to stand on my right. Please give me strength, courage, direction and protection from any negative energy, cords, entities, or ancestors, seen or unseen.

Please use your sword to cut all negative cords of attachment and also those cords of attachment that no longer serve me.

A Prayer for Protection:

Archangel Michael, please surround me and infuse my life with love and goodness. Please give me the strength.

I need to keep going and make a wonderful life for myself and my family.

Please protect me from all negativity, now and always.

Please always light the path that I need to follow for my greatest good.

*Prayer to Archangel Uriel*

*Archangel Uriel invoking*

I now call upon Archangel Uriel and ask him to stand to my left.

Please help me release any conscious or subconscious anger or resentment I have been carrying.

Please place the power of forgiveness in my heart and place the power of forgiveness in others hearts that I may have hurt.

Please fill me with vision, wisdom, peace and joy.

Help me to serve others with a wide open heart.

Please bring good friends, loving and kind people, soulmates and soul pets into my life.

Please help me to trust those that deserve my trust and allow good, loving people into my life.

Help me to receive and give gracefully and with kindness.

A Prayer For Success:

Archangel Uriel, please remove any blocks to my success in relationships, partnerships, business affairs, my career and my true path and calling.

Please help me be happy and successful in all of my life’s endeavours.

*Prayer to Archangel Raphael*

*Archangel Raphael invoking*

I now call upon Archangel Raphael to stand before me. Please heal all of my emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wounds, known and unknown in all directions of time.

Please heal every aspect of my being and restore me to perfect health.

A Prayer For Abundance: Archangel Raphael, please surround me with your healing and help me clear my heart of any negativity.

Open my heart and life to your love and light.

Please put me on my true path and put me on the road to abundance.

Let all good things flow into my life and allow me to share my abundance with others.

*Prayer To Archangel Gabriel*

*Archangel Gabriel invoking*

I now call upon Archangel Gabriel to stand behind me.

Please help to always walk in the light.

Please open me up to my true intuitive abilities and allow me to have accurate discernment and help me creatively express myself as God intended me to.

I ask that you purify my mind, body and spirit.

Heal and restore every aspect of my being for the highest good of all.

Please grant me my heart and soul’s desire and shower upon me honour and the fulfilment of my soul.

A Prayer for Luck:

Archangel Gabriel, please shower me and my life with all good things.

Please show me where to stand and put me in the right place at the right time for fortune to find me.

Closing Prayer:

Closing prayer petition:

All Archangels of Light: Please surround me in pure love and give me the experience of miracles and please give me the eyes to see them.

Archangels please guide me in the direction of my highest good, please protect me, my family, my friends, my community, my country, the Earth and the Entire Universe. Please give me courage, strength and faith so that I may walk this earth with an open heart and an open mind and be a divine channel of love, healing and blessings to all those I encounter.

Archangels, please feel free to communicate with me in ways that I will understand and please feel free to leave me feathers as my reminder that you are watching over me.

Divine Prayer 🙏

Repeat this for 21 days 🙏

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