The Angels of Abundance present you with this card as a reminder that you—like everyone—deserve abundance in your life. 

You may feel discouraged or believe that those who have abundance are different or better than you. 

The angels want you to know that you are a Divinely perfect child of God, and just as you would not want to see your children go without, so too will you be provided for.

God and the angels do not want to provide us with this bounty simply so that it can be hoarded in a bank account, however. 

They want us to use it to support the great work of ethical charities, to support ourselves while we work on our life purpose, and to do all we can to make the world a better place. 

The Angels of Abundance know that too many of those who want to do good are not able to because they feel trapped in energy-draining jobs. 

By providing for them, the angels are helping every one of God’s creatures.

It’s helpful to affirm that you deserve to receive abundance, because it will be invested in good causes! 

That includes paying for your education, buying supplies to serve your life purpose, reducing your stress levels with self-care, and giving to charities. 

Reaffirming the fact that you are worthy of the same goodness and opportunities as everyone else helps dissipate old feelings of undeservingness. 

Acknowledging the abundance that you have, and actively asking for that which you need, will realign your energy with respect to receiving blessings in your current life and situation. 
? Magical Statement ? 

Divine Abundance flows with Ease and Grace and I use it Joyously.

Divine Count 


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  3. Beautiful.. Divine Gratitude for this reminder of our worthiness irrespective of how we see ourselves ?????????

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