Divine Commitment 🥰

Do you know what it means to be committed to something or someone? It means that you put your energy and focus on what you are committed to being or doing in the world. You may have made a promise to yourself or someone else. Your actions must match your commitment.

For example, you might commit to being on time for school each day, being the best person you can be, taking good care of your body, or always being there for a friend when they need you. You are responsible for whatever you promise—whatever you commit to.

Commitment can be very powerful. When you fully commit to doing something, and take actions to support that commitment, then help often seems to show up.

Commitment means honouring your word. If you find this hard or challenging sometimes, but that is when you can ask Spirit to help you.

What are you committed to in your life? How do you feel when you keep your promises?

You can use the power of commitment when you focus on something you want. For instance, you might commit to becoming a great hockey player. Once you commit to that, you put all your energy and focus into doing what it takes to become exactly that. You commit to showing up for practices and to being the best team player you can be. When you are committed, you do these things even when you feel tired or would rather do something else. When you honour your commitments, people trust you.

Today, you are invited to be Divine Commitment.


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