Divine Companionship 😍

Divine Love

He will not make you happy or be your “Prince in shining armor,” as in the silly fairy tale girls are brought up with Only the individual can make them self happy.

He will be a partner you will grow together with spiritually and take in life’s many wonders.

He will teach you many things about life.

You will teach him many things about life.

You will share many things in common and also some differences.

These will be complementary, fascinating and beneficial even though they may occasionally feel frustrating.

Sometimes the lessons will be very challenging and difficult for you.

Sometimes they will be very challenging and difficult for him.

But you will love each other through it all.

You will teach each other and learn from each other how to love.

How to grow deeper in peace.

You will learn and grow deeper together every day in peace and love and freedom.

Together you will help the human species to find peace and joy.

Your hearts will grow warm and tender when you look into each other’s eyes.

Together you will defend and protect the earth.

Together you will breathe clean air and drink clean water.

Together you will eat pure food of the earth.

Together you will make sweet love.

Together you will pray and meditate.

Together you will take quiet walks through the forest in the twilight mist.

Together you will protect and help the small ones to grow strong and healthy, wise, kind and free.

Together you will help many human beings as well as the animals and trees.

Together you will walk the path in friendship and compassion.

Divine Companionship


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