Divine Joy ? 

Joy is the destination, but it is also a grand part of the journey. 

If we wait for joy, it may be fleeting, found only off somewhere in the future, when all the stars align and all our dreams come true. 

Joy needs to be cultivated, nourished, shared. 

It needs to be part of our natural state of being in the world. 

Not fickle; hinging on the next big thing, the next romance or the new dream job. 

A part of everything we do and see and feel and experience, even when things are more uncomfortable than ideal.
Find your joy. Find that inner peace, illusive as it may sometimes seem. 

The better you get at finding it, the more of it you will anchor into your reality.

Just like love. Just like abundance.

By all means, incorporate extra moments of joy into each day by doing what you love to do. 

Spending time with those you love. 

Spending time with yourself. 

Harness that joy too.

But don’t forget to make space for the little warmth of joy for no reason at all.

One by one, we can use joy to change the vibration of the collective consciousness. 

 Like love, joy can banish the abiding darkness.

Divine Joyful Love Abundance 


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