Divine Power

” My son, your ineptitude is so vast, your incompetence so profound, that I am certain you are inhabited by greater power than I have ever known. Unfortunately, it seems to be working backward at the moment, and even I can find no way to set it right. It must be that you are meant to find your own way to reach your power in time; but frankly, you should live so long as that will take you. Therefore I grant it that you shall not age from this day forth, but will travel the world round and round, eternally inefficient, until at last you come to yourself and know what you are. Don’t thank me. I tremble at your doom. “Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn 
I feel the same words for my Son Swayam …?

From the words written by Peter, a lot can be gathered about the wealth of power and potential that lies dormant within each of us. 

We each have vast reserves of talent and potential that lie virtually unrecognized by us for much of our lives. 

Perhaps we do not know how to seek them out, or maybe we just choose not to. 

Regardless, when we choose to lay waste our talents and our potential, when we choose to postpone “finding our own way to reach our power,” we are doomed to live a life of “ineptitude and incompetence.” 
Our bodies and minds create an amazing amount of power and potential every day we are alive. 

But what do we do with that power? 

Some of us spend it watching television, playing video Games allowing our potential to be wasted. 

Some spend it making money that can then be disposed of on unnecessary desires, thus creating a wasteful cycle of their potential. 

Yet if we were to spend our time in ways that unleash our potential, we would most assuredly become a positive force in this world. 

Reading, teaching, developing our spirits and knowledge, helping others… there are so many things that require the talents that you and I possess. 

And of course, we do not have eternity to find ourselves, we do not even have the guarantee of tomorrow. 

It is therefore crucial that we realize the importance of seeking out “what we are” now. 

Why am I here? 

In what ways can I grow and develop? 

What is needed from me this day? 

Do not lay waste your power and potential. 

Dust off your talents; use your abilities when the opportunities and need arises. 

Negligence and sloth are the catalysts that cause potential to rust; and apathy towards mediocrity will be our doom. 
Put your talents and abilities to good use today. 

Divine Talents & Potential.


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