Divine Pray…

I AM Love

I AM Will

I AM the Light Divine

I call upon the higher angelic realm to protect me and keep me from all things negative known and unknown to me; seen and unseen by me

I ask that all negative thought forms that cloud my intuition, vision and judgments be removed and I be cleansed and purified

I ask for love, light and guidance only from benevolent sources of the higher Angelic Realm

I ask beloved Archangel Chamuel to align my energies and in opening and activating my chakras so that I may be filled with the pure love and radiant light

I ask that I be surrounded by Angels and please assist me as I journey through my life

I call upon my Angels to reveal to me what is best for me to know now

I share with you, the divine Angelic Realm, my deepest gratitude and reverence for your gifts of radiation of love and light.



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