Divine Psychic Intuitive Training

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I am so pleased the announce our Divine Intuitive Training

From 7th August 2015 to 9th August 2015

Venue Mumbai

Training Objectives:

Unwrap your Gods Gifted Power Now

The training has the ability to open a new way of being within you.

I’ve used this method and expanded myself with the immediate results.

Whatever you want to change in your life can all be handled.

“ When persons learn to function mentally at this deeper level, creativity is enhanced. Memory is improved and persons are better able to solve problems.” Clancy D.McKenzie.

To awaken what for most of us are, “ unused talents of the mind”.

To control pain, to speed healing, to abandon unwanted habits, to spark intuition so that the sixth sense becomes a creative, problem-solving part of daily life.

With all this comes a cheerful inner peace, a quiet optimism based on first hand evidence that we are more in control of our lives than we ever imagined.

Learning to use more of the mind and to use it in a special manner.

This training expands your mind. It teaches you HOW to expand it.

Do you know you continue to create your reality? You are creating it whether you realize it or not. Why not wake up and be conscious and deliberate about it!

To make you aware of your own Psychic Abilities.

To give you tools to charter your own path into your future.

To keep you current of the Psychic Phenomenon around the world.

Exercise your mind.

Give you a self-defense against self-defeat.

We want you to have the opportunity to reach your goals by enhancing your own psychic abilities.

We want you to have the tools to bring quality back into your life, and minimize limitations that stand between you and your set goals.

We want to give you the “Power” to alter or embrace what some say are “In the Cards”.
We know the psychic world is mysterious.

We will help you explore it, understand it, and use your God Gifted Powers with ease and Grace in all areas of your life.

In short

  • Open, Align, Activate all your Chakras to activate your Midas Touch.
  • Learn Intuitive Graphotherapy
  • See Aura through Third Eye
  • Connect with Angels
  • Heal Self and Others
  • Check Energy of House and Workplace
  • Create Deep Inner Peace
  • Exit all your Problems
  • Manage every area of your Life…Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual as well as Financial.

So what are you waiting for?

If you were waiting for a long time and intending to join, God has made it easy for you to join in this month where we are celebrating The Anniversary of my face book page:



Day 192

11th July 2015

Happy Birthday to my page and thank you everyone who encouraged me and motivated me to go on and on.

With deep Gratitude for all those who liked the page and Shared the page, i would like to offer you My Psychic Intuitive training at 50%…… Yes you read it right….so what are you waiting for ?

Those who wish to avail, kindly contact me on 9820250409

This is not a marketing stunt where an * would be there but I AM Divinely Guided to offer you this once in a life time opportunity.

More information available on www.insightsandgrowth.com

Along with the First Anniversary i am launching my blog where you will keep expanding your wisdom….


Divine Expansion and Growth



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