Do what you Love 😘

🌺 Do What You Love 🌺

Are you eager to express the “real you,” but don’t know where or how to start?

Are you ready to love, but don’t have anyone to commit to?

Are you willing to plunge into your soul’s journey, but can’t find the diving board?

Are you wondering where the spiritual pot of gold is?

Well, get ready to discover it!

Your Divine Energy is calling you to do what you love.

Everything going awry in your life is due to your drifting too far away from your heart, and it’s time to get back on track.

Do things you enjoy and they will lead you back to your true heart’s desire.

Ignore anyone who suggests that having fun is a waste of time.

It is rejuvenating to your spirit and necessary for correcting your path.

If you accept this invitation, you’ll attract everything else that you seek as well.

Your Divine Invitation: If you love to sing, lift your voice for at least 10 minutes today.

If you enjoy cooking, prepare your favorite meal.

If you have a passion for painting, spend at least half an hour at the canvas before you go to sleep.

And if you love daydreaming, do that today for 10 minutes without restraint or guilt.

Build your life around your heart. Don’t try to shove your heart into your overbooked, busy life.

What do you love—can you name it?

Start there and follow the clues, and you’ll find your treasure along the way.

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