Do you have a Guiding reason to wake up today?

For me, that guiding principle is service.

I know that I have been called to serve others in life–my children, my relatives, my friends and coworkers, and those I meet each day.

Perhaps I can help build up my daughter’s confidence after she experiences a setback, and encourage her to try once more with more determination and resolve.

Maybe I can help lighten the load for a friend who is grieving from the loss of someone dear to them, or provide words of comfort and compassion for a family member who is going through difficulties right now.

There is tremendous need of my service all around me if I but look. 

🌺 Life is much more enjoyable when we can wake up each morning with purpose and desire.🌺

But it is up to us to define such a guiding principle in our lives, for no one else can give it to us.

Yet once we have one, our lives will become much richer and brighter.

And from the moment we awake each morning, until the time we close our eyes each night, the fulfillment we experience will confirm and help sustain the importance and worth of having a guiding principle in our lives. 

Divine Service


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