Don’t Take Life Seriously 🥰

🌺 I am learning that life doesn’t need to be taken seriously

I am learning to honor the cycles and rhythm of change

I am learning to build healthy connections with those around me.

🌺 This card invites you to play!

Scientists have proven that play makes you smarter.

Yes, play is good for your brain.

Isn’t that cool?

When you play, you often use your imagination, solve problems, and exercise different parts of your brain.

What do you feel when you play?

Do you feel happy, joyous, or free?

What do you enjoy most when you play?

You can connect to your Spirit through play.

Your Spiritual Self is naturally joyous, free, and loving.

That is its natural state. So when you play, you feed your Spirit.

You can play by yourself, but often you will find yourself playing with others. In this way, you can build your community. You may connect to others through laughter and fun.

Who in your life is most fun to play with?

What is it about them that makes them fun to be around?

Do you also have those qualities?

How you play with others is very important.

Do you play with kindness and respect?

How do you want others to treat you when you are playing together?

Make sure you treat them that way too.

Play also helps you develop your body. Certain kinds of play might make you stronger or help you develop skills you will use throughout your life (such as being really quick with your eyes and hands while playing a video game, which might help if you decide to become a pilot when you grow up).

How will you bring play into your life today? Invite your Spirit to lead the way.

Today and every day, you are Divine Play!


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