Don’t want to Die

I do not want to die. . . .

I do not want to go until I have faithfully made the most of my talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown. . . .

But since I am to be the cultivator, I want to serve faithfully.

Since recognizing that, I am almost serene and much firmer in spirit.

It is not only that I am permitted to finish my work–I am obliged to finish it.

It is quite beautiful to imagine ourselves as gardeners, cultivating the “seed that was placed in us,” growing and directing it into something profound and breathtaking, like a Great Oak. This adds a depth of design and artistry to our lives that empowers us with amazing potential. But it also presents us with duty, responsibility, and obligation–for our seed will not grow if we do not provide it with the proper environment, conditions, and nourishment.

What is necessary of us to be faithful cultivators? It is simply this: a passion to finish our duties in life with sincerity–to use the talents, gifts, and abilities that we have been given by our Creator in ways that contribute positively to the world around us, and to the measure that only we have the ability to reach. This is how we cultivate our seed–how we develop our unique gifts in ways that allow them to go on and benefit those who share in this world with us.

One day I will die, and that is okay with me. But I do not want to die knowing that I have never truly lived–that my God-given talents and abilities have not come to fruition. I want to know that I have blessed this world, that I have created for it a tree of beauty–shade and shelter for others from the storms of life, material to use to create glorious things such as dwellings for family, and so much more. In truth, I am building that tree right now… the question I must ask myself is, “what shall it turn out to be”

Today Make time to cultivate the seed that was placed in you.

Never turn away from your gifts. In their expression lies the power to release you.

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Laila Ahmed

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