Embrace the Moment 😍


    Embrace this day, this very moment! Think positively today and repel those negative thoughts. Try not to judge yourself or others. This may be harder than you think. What is actually happening is that you’re changing your energy.

We’re placing this card in your hand, for we can feel the negative thoughts you’re having about others, as well as yourself. We understand that life can get you down, and all the hard work you do every day to support yourself and others can be challenging. Don’t let the outside world tarnish or dilute your brilliance.

Remember, all thought creates reality and the situations in your life. Even thoughts are made up of energy, whether they’re positive or negative. When you think a thought, your aura will amplify it with energy and put it out into the Universe. By monitoring your thoughts, you’ll have conscious control in shaping your day as well as your future.

Learn to embrace the moment. If you’re having a cup of tea, just drink your tea. If you’re enjoying a meal, then just eat your meal. If you’re walking, then just walk. Appreciate, focus, and be in the moment of what you’re doing. By doing so, you’ll remain in the powerful present.

Happy Birthday Parishi


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