There is a time for new things to be born. 
When flowers take bloom inside our hearts. 

Sometimes those epiphanies, 
those openings in your heart, 
explosions in your consciousness, 
happen when you least expect. 

Out of the darkness comes the light
The cold snow comes the green grass
Out of the mud comes the full blooming wildflowers .

These are those moments that you realize that when the birds sing in the morning they are singing for you 

When observing ants in the backyard brings you the utmost joy 

When you realize every trial and tribulation was really a gift with a lesson to be uncovered. 

And that every passing thunderstorm is what make the ancient trees grow deep and strong 

That your life is a gift and its best to share it. 

These moments, these epiphanies, are precious… 

I am wishing you more of these moments…
When that which is simple and effortless is seen as miraculous
Look close…
Perhaps this is one of those moments NOW.

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