Experience Peace ๐Ÿ˜˜

I discovered in my life that the only times when I felt truly peaceful in my mind and soul is when I surrender to the Universe.

In other words, it is when I fully accept people and situations which I have no control over that I feel any sense of calm.

It is hard for many of us to simply accept because itโ€™s like handing over the steering wheel to someone else in the car, so it feels like weโ€™ve lost control, which makes us feel vulnerable. We also manipulate people and situations to have control, but, again, we are just fooling ourselves with a false sense of control. In reality, manipulation always makes the situation worse, not better, because weโ€™re resisting the natural course of life, so weโ€™re just shooting ourselves in the foot.

That false sense of control is really an illusion created by our egos. In fact, by letting go, we are gaining the most control within ourselves and in our lives because weโ€™re not resisting the natural flow of happenings.

These ZIBU Symbols are meant to help people in every aspect of their lives.

YOU can use them for others with intention that you are drawing for ABC person with Affirmation.

There are total of 88 symbol, which can be used for different purposes.

No ATTUNMENTS only need is trust/faith and concentration/confidence.

We are starting with release symbol to release all bad energies.

First Practice on Paper.

Draw in air and feel it on your body.

Affirmation: You can say them while drawing them.

METHOD TO DRAW IT: Always start from left side and its should be drawn in one stroke except those having 3 dots or line.

Prayer to sending healing to others: Thank you healing angels for surrounding (name of person) in your light and for supporting there path to well being. I pray to you under the law of Divine Grace knowing you will do the best for them in there journey and growth of that Divine Soul/Souls and so it is.

Always start with a prayer it can be in any language.

Thank You.

Thank You.

Thank You.


Zibu translation – Rakuna (rah -koo-nah)

Colourโ€“ Blue

Release symbol can be use to release mental, emotional as well as physical blocks

Release all the negative emotions that are creating blocks for ur success

Release all the old beliefs that u have made about something or someone which is not allowing you to move forward











Whenever you feel a certain negative feeling is getting on you just say release (feeling); e.g. RELEASE ANGER and draw the symbol as many times as you can in air or on paper, on ur body etc.

You can also draw this symbol 21 times on your bathing water with an intention of water to release the dirt on ur body and aura.

Thank You.

Thank You.

Thank You.

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