Face your Adversities


Are you remaining passive in the face of people or circumstances that morally, ethically, or even physically offend or disrespect you?

Are you wondering whether to speak up or to remain silent to avoid serious confrontation?

This is a powerful juncture in your soul’s development, where you are being asked to commit to your values and let others know what is not acceptable to you in the most loving way possible.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to step away from disturbing or threatening situations, but still respond to the violations at hand with a blend of heart and mind.

Is there just reason to take offense, or are you interpreting things in the wrong way?

Ask your Higher Self for clarity.

Your Divine Invitation:

Be as objective as possible when interpreting perceived violations, and use neutral and wise outside counsel as a sounding board.

Lay the facts out and study them, and talk it over with a trusted, qualified friend as you look for unconscious patterns both in your adversary and in yourself.

Seek to understand your opposition’s needs and motives, but also strive for clarity about your own desires and reasoning as you work to avoid judgment and self-righteousness.

In other words, listen to your heart, but respond with a cool head.

Divine Response


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