Fear of Amawas πŸ™„ Happiness of New Moon…

Today as I opened my whatsapp there was a message on Amawas saying chant this and this and protect yourself….immediately my mind said How can any God Day be Bad….so asked my Tarot and here is a message for all us….

The Ace of Cups

In your heart of hearts

The Ace of Cups represents the essence of the heart – the deepest emotional and spiritual love within us and the emotional intelligence that knows how to manifest this love.

Often our hearts are blocked with many negative feelings – old hurts, pains, fears, resentments – and we have made this a ‘normal’ state to be in.

But really it should be normal to feel joy.

To hold onto the hurts and resentments is anathema to the heart – hence the heart disease that is so prevalent in the world today.

Can’t be a coincidence Today World Hearts Day πŸ₯°


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