Fear of Loosing Love ones 

We all fear of loosing our near and dear ones as how much ever you avoid to talk on this topi, the truth is bitter that has to be faced by each one of us !
The thought of loosing someone very close to us frightens us, makes us insecure that how would you carry on without that person or would you be able to deal with that loss or face it !
Begin training your mind that this is inevitable, so what should I do to make myself more acceptable to such situations?
First and foremost understand you have come all alone and you have to leave all alone.
Secondly in your journey of your life you will be supported by many people and you too will be supporting many of them, each person you meet or who crosses your path is predestined either to complete the karmic debts of your give and take relationship with that particular person, it may be related to love, marriage, wealth, business, spiritual so when you come into this world you have a set of family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, all there to teach you something and that’s why with some you get along very well, with some you don’t, with time the equation may change, learn to understand each and every small acquaintance is here to teach you something.
Third life is a journey with all kinds of ups and downs, very very few people have a steady life but otherwise you will have to go through your share of ups and downs and only you will realise the lessons you learn from it which will help you change as a person.
The time you will be together with a particular person is also destined and so when a person leaves you, understand his role in your life is over, he played his role and took an exit, so accept this truth, you will be much stronger when you accept this and you will learn to face it more gracefully!
Learn and remember what did that person taught you, what change did he bring in you and remember what both of you promised to each other and imbibe the quality what you most loved about that person it may be his way of loving, caring, his punctuality, his discipline, anything you have appreciated about him!
That’s how he will always be with you. Its not at all easy but here you have no option but to live with that truth and move on with your life!

Divine Life 
This question always haunted me and I would ask God…..why you create this Drama in Life…

Unbearable Reality 

Divine Life 

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