Feeling Blessed and Rejuvenating 

Today at the end of the day filling so peaceful and relaxed.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to understand and work on Peace.
Today I am experiencing Inner Lasting Peace…
The More you Share Peace, it returns to you Multifold times back.
Divine Peace
Peace begins with a Smile ?
Some heart touching Feedback ?
1) Ratu Kumana…..
Laila dear thank you for the refresher session on Peace that we had today…

Inner Peace as you explained & demonstrated to us today is the very foundation for a life that is fulfilling & joyous but more important than a fulfilling & joyous life… a spiritual one!

Thank you for the discussions you guided us through the examples you gave us & also the pointers you gave us to help us to achieve the required inner peace to help us lead more complete & spiritual lives. I am certain anyone imbibing all the above can achieve the peace every human being strives for.

Thank you for also linking these pointers the examples & the discussions to the Intuitive Training we have done with you! You really summed up your training beautifully! It was an excellent revision…. all of which takes us in the direction of inner peace & spiritually!

Over here I would like to really thank you for taking the trouble to work with us on a different aspect of our lives at every refresher… each one selected with a focus on making our lives better in different aspects of spirituality

God bless you dear Laila & all your loved ones!………
2) Taslima Vasaya…
Lailabaima your Refresher class till date have been an incomparable journey of Divinity,always getting us one step closer to our soul.

Today showing us to attain peace in simple ways which has always been within us.

Thank you so very much for being in my life.

It was my pleasure to celebrate your birthday love you…??
3) Ranjana Makharia….
Laila thanks for this peaceful session. 

There were many take away pointers bt few pointers I could resonate with me. I must stop seeking others approval for anything I do. Work on self worthiness. Ur mind and heart is truly at peace then.

Accept and Forgive and move ahead in life. 

No one is perfect, accept person as whole i.e. his positives and negatives. See good in others to seek happy peaceful life. 

Open your heart chakra. I am now ready to receive and give lots of love. When I am peaceful I automatically find solutions to any situation. I become part of a solution of a problem. I am so happy to make choice to be in a peaceful inner and outward state. 

Thank you laila. God bless u now and always.??
4) Urvi Shah….
Today’s refresher on PEACE made me realize that however much you have: Your family, friends, good job, money, name, fame- you cannot enjoy any of them if you do not have inner peace, which comes from within & no where else…
The lines that touched me the most are…
“There can be no peace without a deep level of compassion for ALL beings. Feeling compassion means you have an understanding for others, and wish suffering for no being” &

“Being loving & kind to all beings is a sure way towards a more peaceful world. Treat others as you would like to be treated. What you put in the world, you will receive in your life…. Be the change.”
“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” ― Confucius
Thank you Laila for taking all the trouble for putting up this beautiful session for us!
5) Zahid Dawud….
For every word u spoke today, it was as if it was directed to me as a person, whats happening in my life and what changes r needed to b made in my life.
The moment i c u, i m filled with peace to the core of my being.
The topics of refresher gathering, i feel r tailormade for me.
Baima keep smiling as ur smile straightens many wayward things in my life and in life of my family members.
Thank u so much.
May Allah’s Peace b upon U
6) Yogeeta Rawat…..
PEACE…it is either present or absent in life. There can be no percentage….

This rings the truth in life.

The refresher today was so apt and bang on for me. Each and every story shared had a lesson and guidance for me. 

Not only the stories you shared Di but words that came from our group felt so apt. 

The story you told of the stone…. Step on it or walk around it is our prerogative… Felt bang on. 

The way the entire session was with discussions and experiences was just awesome. 

Di I feel it is with you and the entire family that we can open up, be our selves and not be judged but guided to the right path.

Smile … And it will turn to laughter…

And to Smile is to be at PEACE

A few minutes in nature for rejuvenation are lively mantras…

Thank you thank you thank you Di. You are the true guiding LIGHT.

Love you always????
7) Faredoon Desai….
Lailaji, yesterday’s session on Peace was something I had waited from the first day that I met you at an exhibition in 2010.
Every time you asked me what I wanted in life I would say that I wanted Peace and finally it happened yesterday.
All good things happen at its own time and I am happy that it happened yesterday.
At the refresher I could really identify the areas I needed to work on, to be able to tap into the inner peace and harmony which is already there with, under every circumstance.
Thank you for showing me the way to find peace in such a simple manner.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
8) Rashna Desai….
We all are aware that our peace lies within us but we keep looking for it outside of us.

The techniques, examples and stories that you have narrated in every refresher session has ultimately made me find my peace. I am a happy person now, I don’t let outer circumstances, people or relationship affect me and in turn hamper my happiness. I do exactly what my heart tells me to and which is always right. I do not want to justify, prove or impress anyone. . I love to go out, which I do and I feel happy and joyous being amidst nature. The 5 pointers viz Introspection, Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and Acceptance 

made the word Peace sink more deeper into my heart and soul. 

I am grateful to Lord Almighty for bringing a beautiful soul Lailaji into my life..

I loved these lines

“At the end of the day, living in peace will be your own conscious, daily action founded on your own strivings and understanding, gleaned from all corners of the world, . from all people you have me and known, and from your own conscious knowledge ”. It is so apt and I feel these lines were just meant for me!!

Thank you to all the beautiful souls who also contributed in some way to my life.. ???
9) Satish Soni….
Yesterday session on Peace is very important for life…

How we can live with inner peace was well explained 

How to stop others emotional drama

How to live like king

without tension & fear.

How to apply intitute training principle in our life

and keep 24 X 7 jumbo smile ?


Dr Laila Ahmed
10) Lailuma Lalani….
Dear Laila, I attended the training around 6 years back and what i wanted I received, so stopped using the training techniques and later from last year when I started coming to refresher ….I got deeply connected to you…..I connected with your Genuinety and Loving Nature and your way to help everyone with so much of Kindness and compassion…..

I am thankful and happy that I connected you once again and now reading everyone’s comments, I can pour my heart out…..

Laila you are an Angel,
A Silent Angel who prays for everyone even if they hurt you…..whatever I do for you is less compared to the Love and Teaching you share with us to transform our Life.

Thank you, I am proud to share your name in my Life.

Laila Laila….??

God took away my daughter years back and returned to me in your form now…..Love you ?
Now coming to yesterday’s topic…
Peace Peace Peace…..

Your first line touched me…..

Peace Where are you ?

Was wondering before the session, can anyone be at complete peace….is that possible?

With so much going around in the environment, how one can be at Peace…but yesterday’s session was an eye opener…..have read many quotes on Peace on Facebook but attending a tailored made session is a Blessing…..

You are a great Designer….

You design your session and deliver it so well as if I felt every word you share is for me…….

Thank you for such a beautiful session and now I am at Complete Peace.
11) Shweta Rana….
Thanku Thanku Thanku Lailama? for a wonderful session on peace, feeling blissfull n calm ever since, all the efforts you put paid off n how..each one of us felt happiness m sure? ..ur session made me realize what i need to do in order to achieve peace n whr i am goin wrong,
Every point that u discussed made me go within n ponder..
Thanku fr helping us bring out a change in our selves..to not only make our lives peaceful but to make the world a better place..hope the universe continues to shower u with grace n Abundance n u continue changing lives and makin this world a better place???

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