Garden your soul ?

Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” 

~William Shakespeare
Today, I become more aware of myself as a magnificent garden filled with all the beauty the Universe can offer.

William Shakespeare speaks of more than one will.

 He says, “…our wills are our gardener.” I have the will of my personality and I have the will of a higher love. Both of them are a part of me. 

As I ask my higher will to come join new me and those ideas and creative insights become a part of my life. 

They become new seeds to plant in the garden of myself.

I open myself to a brand new panorama of myself as a garden. 

I can till my soil with love so it is filled with harmony and plant new seeds of all the things I truly love that serve my life. 

I can feel the joy of the flowering and I can harvest the fruits of my love.

I can ‘weed out’ all the old memories that no longer serve my goals and grow my vision for a joyful life. 

I can say, “Thank you” to these old stories and the emotions associated with them and, with my love, I can return them back to the Universe. 

I know in my heart, each time I do, I make room for more new growth.

Today, I am a garden of pure potential and beauty.


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