Happy Birthday Prachi…


Are you unsure of what is actually true and what is just your fear or illusion talking? Are you feeling insecure and threatened?

Not to worry. You are safe. It is time to discern fact from fiction, however, and respond to life’s challenges in a grounded, objective way instead of in an emotionally reactive one. Rise above the rushing river of your emotions, and engage your reason and logic to better navigate the daunting, emotionally charged rapids of the moment.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to be detached and observe the situation objectively for the moment. Take nothing personally. Remain calm and available to all points of view without feeling defensive.

Your Divine Invitation: Resist emotional drama; avoid its addictive lure and see it for the waste of energy it is. Use your Higher Reason to sort fact from fiction. Begin by looking at a situation from all sides. Organize your thoughts and tune in to your sixth sense for clarity. For example, if you’re caught in an endless spiral of conflict with someone, ask yourself, “What do I want to happen, and what’s actually occurring instead? What am I doing to prevent my desired outcome? What’s the first step I must take in order to move forward—and am I willing to take that step?”

Reason isn’t the opposite of intuition; rather, it clears the way to better access your inner guidance. Allow your logic to lead you right now.

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