Hate or Dislike?

When you read this question, what is one thing you hate to do but do it any ways?

what’s the first thing that popped in your head?

Ask yourself, do you really HATE doing that thing?

Hate is such a strong word. A word that carries a lot of negative energy. It’s a word that can shut people down, stop them in their tracks, and keep them from moving forward.

Many people put a lot of energy into hating something. But, we need to be careful as words have power.

What type of energy are you putting out when you hate something?

Instead, shift your mindset a bit. Tone down the energy by using the word DISLIKE.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that successful people do what they dislike first. Use it as motivation for yourself. Focus on the sense of accomplishment when that ‘thing’ is complete. Instead of dreading something, choose to focus on what you get out of it.

For me, I dislike exercise. But, instead of focusing on all the things I don’t like about it, or procrastinating and putting it off and then beating myself up for not getting it done, I choose to focus on what I get out of it.

I focus on how it makes my mind and body feel when I’m finished. I now look at exercise as just another thing I have to do. And I celebrate it when it’s done for the day.

Now shift your mindset. What do you dislike to do? What’s something positive you get out of it?

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