Healers Facts

Very very Important 
?Very beautiful message on facts and myths on healers?
1- A healer should to be healed first before healing others – *Fact* 

1- A healer is a super natural someone who has no weaknesses, cannot say No to anyone and is always available- *Myth*
2- A healer is vibrating and growing each moment and so is his healing powers – *Fact*

2- A healer is bound to give the same healings to everyone irrespective of his years of experience and evolution – *Myth*
3- Each one of us has a healer within- *Fact*

3- Only rare ones can become Healer – *Myth*
4- Healers give energies and hence should take an Energy Exchange – *Fact*

4- Healers should give their healings free- *Myth*
5- Healers are givers and have been blessed by the universe – *Fact*

5- Healers are Dealers who only extract – *Myth*
6- A person’s loss (of fears, apprehensions, anxieties, negativities) is a Healers gain (as he gives the person happiness, peace and prosperity and earns his fair share of karma)- *Fact*

6- A person’s loss (of money- that’s how most look at the loss) is a Healers gain ( taking money for the healing) – *Myth*
7- Healers time and consideration is taken lightly and is subjected to the results he gives – *Fact*

7- Healer is god and can do just anything under the sun – *Myth*
To all the Healers and the ones who see us as Healers .. We work hard to spread smiles across the miles and bring out the best in you ..
?Proud to be a Spiritual Healer ~ I am on my Mission ?

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